When you need to test durability.


Confidential reports on progress of the test sample or series are also available. As with exposure services, reporting programs and the format of reports can be tailored to meet particular requirements.

We can issue reports and performance evaluation of samples in accordance with standard specifications (national, corporate, etc.) or other instructions as specified by the client.

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Visual Inspection

Alunga’s staff members provide comprehensive visual assessment of surface coating performance. Quantitative evaluation can be undertaken in accordance with AS, ASTM, ISO, corporate or other standards or specifications.


Allunga Exposure Laboratory offers a comprehensive range of colour measurement options.

  • Full spectral data and colour coordinates and colour difference values.
  • Illuminants: A, C, D65, F, and TL84
  • Colour scales: XYZ, Yxy, Hunter Lab, CIELAB, and LCh
  • Observer positions: 2° or 10° standard observer


Allunga offers gloss evaluations at 20°, 60°, and 85°.

DOI : Distinctness of Image (Image Clarity)

Allunga Exposure Laboratory offers instrumental evaluation of distinctness of reflected image evaluation (This instrument provides a quantitative value for the sharpness with which a surface reflects an image)

Tensile Parameters

Allunga offers evaluation of tensile parameters such as tensile strength at yield, elongation at yield, elongation at break etc.

Mass and Dimensional Stability

Allunga’s reporting services include evaluation of changes in mass/weight and in size/volume.

Optical Microscopy

Stereo microscope visual inspection and photographic documentation of sample condition is available on request.

Electron Microscopy

Scanning electron micrographps and probe analysis are available on request. Transmission electron micrographs are also available.


Photographic services available include : Digital, 35mm, video (PAL & NSTC), IR, imaging editing , photo-support services etc.

Data Logging Services

Available parameters include Temperature, Humidity, Wet-Time, Radiation etc. Using differential thermocouple recording up to 60 sensors can readily be installed with time intervals at the client’s discretion, if we move to using single-ended thermocouples this number can double to 120.

NATA Endorsed Reports

Subject to Allunga’s NATA accredited scope of accreditation we can issue NATA endorsed reports on request.