When you need to test durability.

Specialty testing sites

Allunga operates three separate special-purpose exposure sites in tropical northern Australia:

  • Mould/Biocide evaluation exposure site
  • Marine corrosion exposure site
  • Arid, extreme heat site

Tully, North Queensland: Mould, biocides

(lat.17° S. long.145° E.)

This separate exposure site is located near Tully, about 240 km north of Townsville. This site is in an area of tropical rainforest, characterised by high humidity, high temperatures and very high rainfall. It is in the centre of Australia’s region of higestst annual average rainfall (>3m), which makes it an excellent area to investigate mould (fungal and algal) resistance, biocide studies and additive performance.

The region also receives plenty of sunshine, and temperature maxima and minima differ little from the Townsville values.

Allunga has been conducting exposure tests at this site for more than 35 years. Tully, about 10 km away, is a small town with sugar production and tourism (white water rafting) as its principal industries. The exposure site is isolated, private and secure.

Marine Corrosion Test Site

On the shore of Halifax Bay, 60 km north of Townsville, Allunga operates an exposure site to evaluate marine corrosion resistance.

Allunga’s exposure racks at this site allow excellent exposure to the corrosive marine environment as well as high radiation levels. Prevailing winds are from the southeast, water temperature averages 25.9° C, and the salinity factor averages 30/1000.

Arid Test Site: Extreme heat

Allunga Exposure Laboratory operates an arid exposure site in north-western Queensland approximately 500 km west of Townsville (75 km Nort-West of Huhgenden)

This site is characterized by low humidity, low rainfall, high radiation and large daily temperature variations.

This site was chosen because of its extremely harsh, hot dry conditions. This area can experience up to 50 C heat, and regularly receives 40 C + over many months.

The site is isolated, secure, and capable of handling samples of any size.

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