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COVID-19 Response


There are currently 20 COVID-19 cases in the Townsville region.

While the Australian and state governments have tightened restrictions on travel and business, the laboratory is able to continue operations within this framework.

There may be some impact on our ability to travel to our remote sites in the near future, but we will contact the relevant clients individually in that case.

The laboratory continues to follow all the relevant steps laid out by federal and state governments.

Our continued best wishes to all our clients in this difficult time.

Chris Cooper, Director,
Allunga Exposure Laboratory


Allunga is fortunate in that the laboratory is in a rural region, has a small staff and has been able to quickly implement the steps advised by the Australian Government. Work practices will continue to be reviewed to ensure the safety of staff members and to minimize any disruptions to testing programs.

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These actions include:

  • Social distancing – Staff density management
  • Extra hygienic measures (at all levels)
  • Closed laboratory to all visitors: overseas, interstate and domestic.

    Currently (as of March 23, 2020), our operations continue as before.

    However, if the threat escalates in our region, or if any of our staff become quarantined, we may have to further review laboratory practices.

    We will update you in that event.

    Please continue to email or call to discuss weathering tests and evaluation services.

    We extend our best wishes to all our clients in this difficult time.

    For more information on the pandemic in Australia:

  • Australian Department of Health
  • Queensland Department of Health
  • You can also keep up to date with COVID-19 developments in Australia at ABC News.

    Chris Cooper, Director,
    Allunga Exposure Laboratory