When you need to test durability.
Welcome to Allunga Exposure Laboratory

Allunga means ‘Sun’ and well-suited to our name and location. Our site in Townsville is ideal for weathering tests: clear sunny days and moist dewy nights averaging more than 310 days of sunshine every year, and more than 8.7 hours of sunshine per day. Read more >>


  • Durability testing and evaluation
  • Weathering tests of all types
  • Natural exposure testing
  • Accelerated exposure testing
  • Separate Mould (Fungal/Algal), Arid, and Marine/Littoral exposure sites.
  • Corrosion and salt spray testing.

Laboratory Services Including:

Visual Assessments, Colour Changes, Gloss, DOI, Tensile Properties, etc


We test a wide range of materials including coatings, paints, plastics, rubbers, textiles and fibres, pigments, dye stuffs, resins, additives, UV-absorbers, decals, adhesives, building and packaging materials, composite materials, photo-voltaic materials and many more.

Allunga can design exposure-testing programs to meet particular requirements for samples and testing regimes however unusual or specialized.


Time-lapse movie of accelerated testing


19° South 146° East

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